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In the Human Perception Lab at UCLA, we study applications of computer-based learning. Because we're exploring an uncharted space of learning algorithms, feedback strategies, etc., we often need to create new computer programs to present our stimuli, collect performance data from subjects, and view the collected data in a form that we can understand.

[edit] PLM Framework

After creating dozens of experiments in almost as many learning domains, we've noticed that all these projects have several things in common. All of them involve the presentation of short, interactive trials to users. All of them involve the collection of both accuracy and response time data. They all show feedback immediately after each trial, as well as aggregate performance feedback over many trials. To take advantage of the common ground, we've developed a software framework which is designed to allow us to more quickly create software for new experiments.

PLM Framework

[edit] SVN

Any nontrivial project will require several iterations of development and testing before it is ready to run. To help facilitate this process, we've deployed a version control system - SVN. SVN allows remote users to access project files, edit them, and check in their changes in a secure way so that the change history of each file is always available.

SVN tutorial

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