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Hello! Welcome to the Human Perception Lab Wiki. Every lab member is invited to contribute to this evolving set of pages.

This wiki is intended for use as a guide for best research practices in the Human Perception Lab at UCLA. Members of the lab should add pages detailing their discoveries and intuitions about engaging participants, minimizing distractions, analyzing data, and etc.

To create a new page, type the url of your new page into your web browser's address bar - type the pagename after index.php, e.g. - when you go to that page click 'edit page'. When you want to *link* to a page that you have created, use double brackets and the pagename: [[Stereo_goggles_for_pigeons]].


[edit] Creating Experiments

Research Ideas

Software development

[edit] Running Experiments

Noise-canceling headphones

Using Amazon Mechanical Turk as a subject pool

[edit] Analyzing Data

[edit] Lab Meeting Presentations

2015 Carolyn Bufford - Technology to Help with Research

2015 Carolyn Bufford - Psychology PhD Programs

2016 Yujia Peng - Amazon Mechanical Turk

2016 Joseph Burling - Research Tools (Pandoc, R, Windows Batch Scripts, Git)

[edit] Matlab

Subject info dialogue box

[edit] Miscellany

Visual illusions

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